Dr. Larry Sanger's Social Media Strike by Gary Bird

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At 43PR we are supportive of our client Dr. Larry Sanger, CIO of Everipedia, for his Social Media Strike. Not only are we and everyone at Everipedia striking with Larry, but the media got behind Larry’s strike on social media.

Coverage in CNBC , BBC , Daily Mail , Newsweek , The Next Web and Salon.

Additional coverage on The Hill, Yahoo Finance, Marketing Tech News, Sheryl Attkisson, The Register, Tucker Carlson Tonight, New York Post and CNN.

Give ‘em HELL Larry!!!!

FortyThree Clients Everipedia, Rivetz and Superset Win 2018 BlockAwards by Gary Bird

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The winners of the 2018 BlockAwards have been announced and among them are three of our clients! Everipedia, Rivetz and Superset were each honored with a BlockAward in a different category.

The BlockAwards celebrate technical innovation, adoption and reception in the Blockchain Industry and received hundreds of nominations. BlockAward winners were selected based on three criteria: attraction of attention and awareness, generally positive regard by the developer/engineering community and sector leadership for innovation.

Everipedia was recognized with “Community Award - World Impact” for its application of blockchain technology in increasing accessibility to knowledge and creating a network that is essentially impervious to government censorship attempts globally.

Rivetz was honored with “Best in Currency - Privacy” for its powerful device-centric security paradigm that evolves the industry past today’s username/password model.

Superset received “Best in Smart Contracts/Governance” for allowing organizations to automate processes through smart contracts, quickly, easily and inexpensively using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

The BlockAward ceremony will take place during BlockWorld 2018, the world’s largest Blockchain Developer conference & expo boasting over 3,000 attendees.

FortyThree Client Everipedia Announces $30 Million in Funding by Gary Bird

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Exciting news for our client, Everipedia!

A group of strategic investors led by Galaxy Digital’s EOS.IO Ecosystem Fund invested $30M in Everipedia, supporting the world’s first blockchain encyclopedia to launch their new decentralized, peer-to-peer knowledge network. The investment will also enable Everipedia to rapidly scale its community. This announcement garnered coverage in top-tier publications such as Business Insider, Fortune and Reuters. The news was trending on TechMeme in a matter of hours and was included in various newsletters from outlets including Business Insider and Fortune the following morning.

The investors are enthusiastic about Everipedia’s potential to decentralize knowledge on the blockchain with open source software developed on top of the EOS.IO platform. In fact Galaxy Digital’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Sam Englebardt, said Everipedia is “a dynamic and innovative company with the technology and vision to change the way people access and contribute to the knowledge ecosystem.”

We are delighted to see growing interest in Everipedia’s noble and innovative mission, and look forward to the next phase of disrupting the traditional knowledge economy with blockchain.

Encyclopedia Blockchainica: Everipedia to Amass World’s Knowledge by Gary Bird

Travis Moore (CTO), Theodor Forselius (CEO), Dr. Larry Sanger (CIO)

When knowledge is power, it’s incredibly important to ensure everyone can access factual, trustworthy information. This month, we worked on an exciting announcement from our newest client, Everipedia, a company purpose-built to decentralize the world’s knowledge. With over six million articles, Everipedia is the largest English encyclopedia and the company has now set its sights on becoming the very first encyclopedia on the blockchain.

Everipedia’s noble mission of creating a more modern and inclusive version of Wikipedia actually attracted Wikipedia’s co-founder, Dr. Larry Sanger  -- he is now Everipedia’s Chief Information Officer.

It’s great to see the community embrace Everipedia with articles in WIRED, The Next Web and TechRepublic. In a matter of hours, Everipedia was even trending on TechMeme. As The Next Web said, “Giving the world all of this knowledge could change things for researchers, academics and interested citizens in countries that have banned and blocked information for political or religious reasons.”

Check out the Everipedia page about FortyThree PR.

FortyThree at the 2017 Virtual Reality Strategy Conference by Gary Bird

The 2017 Virtual Reality Strategy Conference did not disappoint, with almost 500 guests from around the world in attendance. This October, the conference took place at the Hilton in San Francisco’s financial district, welcoming 85 featured speakers to give their insights on virtual and augmented reality. The goal of the event is not only to educate attendees about the capabilities and potential applications of VR and AR, but to expose them to companies that are currently using the technology to expand the reach of their businesses, and provide access to vendors who can make the tools and software a reality for everyone who attends. The diverse community of both speakers and guests created invaluable networking opportunities with tech and business insiders from around the world.  

At FortyThree, we were lucky to be a sponsor for this amazing event, and we had a blast as one of their media managers. The most exciting part about the event was seeing all the potential for growth that virtual and augmented reality has in store for 2018. There were tons of workshops and prototype testing stations where guests could try out some of the new AR and VR products before they hit the market. As impressive as the new technology displays were, we were even more blown away by the number of guests. There was hardly room to stand, but it was great to see the overwhelming enthusiasm for everything VRS had to offer. We were also thrilled to hear from so many speakers with such diverse backgrounds, like Clifton Dawson, CEO of Greenlight Insights, Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport and SVP at HTC, and Tony Parisi, Global Head of VR and AR at Unity.  We left the 2017 VRS conference with new insights, partnerships and most of all enthusiasm about what’s to come in the world of virtual and augmented reality.


FortyThree president Gary Bird at VRS 2017

FortyThree president Gary Bird at VRS 2017

A VRS guest tests out one of the virtual reality products on display at the conference

A VRS guest tests out one of the virtual reality products on display at the conference