We feel we have just the right blend of top-tier journalism knowledge, public relations expertise and social media savviness to help you craft and deliver relevant messages. Our quiver of award-winning services is built upon our trusted relationships. 

Gary Bird
Gary has over 15 years of public relations and top-tier journalism experience. Some of his campaigns include Cisco Systems, Slacker, Griffin Technology, and Smith Micro, among others. Before starting FortyThree in 2005, he held the vice president position at one of the largest technology public relations firms in Silicon Valley. As a journalist, Gary was a bureau chief for Knight-Ridder responsible for timely tech news to global markets. Before joining Knight-Ridder, he was a correspondent for The Economist covering tech and business. His articles have appeared in London Times, San Jose Mercury and USA Today. Gary earned a bachelor's degree from University of California, Santa Barbara. 

Erika Seligsohn
General Manager
Erika is responsible for managing operations at FortyThree and supporting nationwide promotional and online marketing campaigns. Prior to FortyThree, Erika co-founded Noah’s Garage, a snowboarding site showcasing talented boarders and selling snowboards and other gear. She managed operations and marketing initiatives. Noah’s Garage was successfully acquired by action sports retailer HardCloud complementing its skate, snow, bike and surf offering. Erika was previously advertising director at Thrasher Magazine, the most popular skateboard magazine spanning over 20 years. Erika has a bachelor's degree from University of California, Santa Barbara.


Madeline Mains
Senior Account Manager                                           Madeline is a master at developing PR strategies and leading tactics for tech startups and titans alike. She specializes in media relations, content creation and messaging. With a finger on the pulse of tech news and industry trends, Madeline is effective at inserting her clients into global tech conversation. She received her bachelor’s degree in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Madeline also teaches creative writing at the county jail, hikes with her husky-pit mix and sips wine in her favorite Santa Cruz Mountain vineyards.

Jackie Eicholz
Senior Account Manager                                            Jackie oversees many of FortyThree's Blockchain media campaigns and excels at all aspects of media relations. Her background in advertising and English, coupled with her fascination with technology, allows Jackie to be involved in every department at FortyThree. Jackie graduated from the University of Oregon’s School of Communication and Journalism with a degree in Advertising and a minor in English. In her free time, Jackie enjoys listening to podcasts, videography and reading.


Salvador Ingram
Account Manager                                              Salvador is responsible for day-to-day client management and creating engaging PR campaigns. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Photojournalism, he has spent the past several years working in social media, marketing and communications. Salvador also coaches girl’s basketball and boy’s volleyball at Santa Cruz High. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his wife and two cats, watching the Warriors, going to trivia and discussing the latest Game of Thrones theories.   

Delphine Burns
Account Manager                                              Delphine’s journalism background provides a unique approach to PR, as she is capable of thinking like a reporter. She connects with press organically and provides valuable media insight to her clients. Before joining the FortyThree team, Delphine was a reporter for the Santa Cruz Sentinel. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Studies and Sociology at Pitzer College and minored in Italian. Her hobbies include eating pasta for breakfast, petting other people’s animals, making music and engaging in activism.


Nikki Dance
Account Associate
Nikki delivers a unique approach to PR, bringing together a background in marketing, social media and graphic design. Her development of PR strategies is both creative and analytical as she identifies opportunities and measures results. She graduated with degree in Media Studies from University of California, Berkeley. She also loves drawing, sewing, traveling and taking her dogs on nature walks.

Jennifer Hansen
Account Associate 
Jennifer is responsible for market research and analysis, expansion of business contacts, and client coverage. She enjoys staying current with lifestyle, technology, and business trends. She spends her free time camping, taking road trips, and exploring the outdoors with her dogs. She graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a Bachelor's degree in Economics.



Sara Sebahar
Account Assistant                                           
Sara is responsible for market research, social media analysis, expansion of business contacts and client coverage at FortyThree. She also has a background in film and digital media production and likes to make short films and web series. Sara is currently attending the University of California Santa Cruz, pursuing a double major in Psychology and Environmental Studies. In her free time, she likes to act, sing and admire redwood trees. You can catch her cuddling the neighbor’s cat or visiting your local escape room.

Michael Stevens
Account Associate
Michael is responsible for assisting his account managers in day-to-day client relations, media reporting and coordinating speaking opportunities for clients. He graduated from the University of Oregon's School of Journalism with a degree in Cinema Studies, giving him a unique insight into the world of public relations. He brings client messages to life through video and media. Michael's passions include film, videography, rock climbing and the great outdoors.


Noah Bird
Account Assistant
Noah is responsible for data analysis for social media and paid acquisition client campaigns. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer, bouldering, time at the beach and being with family and friends. Noah is currently attending the University of California, Los Angeles working towards a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Tyler Mecher                                                  Account Assistant                                                Tyler is responsible for analyzing industry trends, tracking client coverage and creating visual content. He spends his free time making short films, exploring the outdoors with friends and judging foodie Instagram feeds. He is currently attending the University of California, Santa Cruz to pursue a major in Film and Digital Media with a minor in Technology Information Management.


Mitchell Kamau                                                    Account Assistant                                                 Mitchell is responsible for client coverage, social media analysis and market research. He spends most of his free time enjoying the outdoors, playing soccer, playing and listening to music and spending time with friends. Mitchell is currently attending University of California Irvine majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in environmental sciences.


Tia Mayer                                                  Multimedia Producer                                               Tia is responsible for handling photography and graphic design projects at FortyThree.  She uses her background in filmmaking, photography and animation to create media content for our clients. Previously, she was a video editor for a real estate and lifestyle company based in San Diego. Tia studies film and digital media at UC Santa Cruz, loves watching TV, and her favorite food is sushi.  


Kudra Wagner                                                    Account Assistant                                              Kudra is responsible for social media coverage, market research and paid acquisition client campaigns. She is currently attending University of California, Santa Cruz with a double major in Legal Studies and Theater Arts. In her free time, she likes to pet cats, enjoy live theater and learn pointless trivia facts. You can usually find her singing too loudly in her car.                                                


Christa Boynton                                              Account Assistant                                              Christa is responsible for assisting her account managers in day-to-day client relations, media reporting and coordinating speaking opportunities for clients. Christa is typically found in a dress, photographing weddings, adventuring to lakes and rivers and eating frozen yogurt. She is going into her senior year at California State University, Chico pursuing her degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Psychology.  


Ashley McDougal                                                    Account Assistant                                                 Ashley is responsible for creating visual effects and updating media coverage for clients. In her free time, you can find her taking photographs on hikes, learning new instruments or screaming on roller coasters. She is currently working on her Film and Digital Media degree at the University of California Santa Cruz with a Production Concentration.  


Otis                                                                    Office Manager                                                     Otis is responsible for office morale.