The American Diet: Why are we unhealthy and what can we do about it? / by Gary Bird

We’ve all been there: we get home utterly exhausted after a long day. Then, the dreaded question… what’s for dinner? The last thing we want to do is think about what to cook for ourselves, let alone the rest of our family. So we resort to takeout to quickly satisfy our cravings.

Then the guilt sets in.

I could have prepared a healthy meal. I should not have fed my kids fast food for the second time this week. I should be saving my money for that trip I’ve planned.

The Home Chef team surveyed 1,000 Americans about their eating and cooking habits. The results showed that 75 percent of people never, rarely, or only occasionally eat healthy foods.

Over 50 percent of those surveyed believe they are or may be overweight. When asked why:

·      60 percent said the portion sizes they eat are too large

·      52 percent said their family doesn’t know how to buy healthy food

·      25 percent said their family doesn’t have time to cook healthy meals

·      16 percent said their family doesn’t know how to cook healthy meals

When asked why they do not eat healthy meals:

·      58 percent said the convenience of fast food/ food delivery is too appealing

·      51 percent said time was a factor

·      44 percent said money was a factor

…We have a healthy solution.


Over 80 percent of respondents agreed that a meal kit delivery service containing easy-to-follow recipes and pre-portioned ingredients could help them and their families eat healthier.

By providing fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to households across the U.S., Home Chef is simplifying healthy home cooking. With step-by-step instructions for thirteen new dishes each week, you can make a variety of delicious meals that are good for your body, your culinary repertoire, and your wallet.

How does that sound for dinner?

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