FortyThree Client Everipedia Announces $30 Million in Funding / by Gary Bird

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Exciting news for our client, Everipedia!

A group of strategic investors led by Galaxy Digital’s EOS.IO Ecosystem Fund invested $30M in Everipedia, supporting the world’s first blockchain encyclopedia to launch their new decentralized, peer-to-peer knowledge network. The investment will also enable Everipedia to rapidly scale its community. This announcement garnered coverage in top-tier publications such as Business Insider, Fortune and Reuters. The news was trending on TechMeme in a matter of hours and was included in various newsletters from outlets including Business Insider and Fortune the following morning.

The investors are enthusiastic about Everipedia’s potential to decentralize knowledge on the blockchain with open source software developed on top of the EOS.IO platform. In fact Galaxy Digital’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Sam Englebardt, said Everipedia is “a dynamic and innovative company with the technology and vision to change the way people access and contribute to the knowledge ecosystem.”

We are delighted to see growing interest in Everipedia’s noble and innovative mission, and look forward to the next phase of disrupting the traditional knowledge economy with blockchain.