Portal Receives Top Honors at CES / by Benjamin Olivas

Two prestigious consumer tech publications, Tom's Guide and BGR, gave Ignition Design Labs’ Portal Wi-Fi router with top honors at CES this year. Tom's Guide named Portal as Best New Tech at CES, while BGR named Portal Best CES Innovation Award.

More than 20 new routers were introduced at CES, yet Portal rose above the rest with a new kind of router that cuts through congestion and interference to deliver unprecedented speed, coverage and reliability for all consumers — in even the most challenging Internet environments.

"CES 2016 saw some categories come of age and others see a resurgence," said Mark Spoonauer, editor in chief of Tom's Guide. "Companies are also finding innovative ways to mash trends together. But the ultimate deciding factor for our award-winning products is how they will make your life better, whether it's for work or play, or both."

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