ContainerX is Acquired by Cisco! by Gary Bird



Congratulations to our client, ContainerX, on being acquired by Cisco (Cisco Blog)!

Launched a year and a half ago by a small team of engineers from Microsoft, VMware and Citrix, ContainerX created the world's first multi-tenant container platform for Linux and Windows. A self-hosted CaaS platform, ContainerX is the most powerful way to manage Docker in the enterprise.

We started working with ContainerX just before the company launched its first beta product in November 2015. Each month following that, the company released a beta, leading up to its general availability announcement in June 2016.

The power of Cisco’s cloud (ZDNet) and ContainerX’s expertise has potential to offer a turn-key cutting edge private and hybrid cloud to customers. And with the help of the massive distribution channels and reach that Cisco provides, ContainerX can build a bigger team and expand its reach and impact.

We wish ContainerX the best of luck on the next chapter!

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